Requires Windows XP (SP3)
or Windows 7 (SP1)
System Requirements
Making comics is fun for everyone, and Comic Life keeps making it easier. Compare the different versions to see why Comic Life 2 is worth purchasing or upgrading!  

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Comic Life Deluxe1

Comic Life 2  
Price No longer for sale US$29.99
Platform Mac &
Mac &
Ease of use Easy Easy  
Number of fonts included

Standard: 8

Deluxe: 41

Built-in iPhoto and Finder image browser  
Library of pre-made template layouts and styles  
Image Filtering for your photos  
Webcam image capture  
Bendable comic lettering text  
Exports out as an image  
Includes Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish localizations (Mac only)  
Clippable balloons (inside panels)  
Export to PDF

Integrated Spell Checker

Image Adjustments (Brightness, Exposure, Saturation, Sharpness, Contrast)

Advanced page setup with the ability to save custom page sizes

Page size options can now be sized with standard measurements [Points (pt), Inches (in), Millimeters (mm) and Centimeters (cm)

Advanced balloon and text control  
Smart shapes: Predefined and freeform shapes  
Full template support  
Ability to rotate balloons  

Easily create Single Panel Comics by dropping an image onto a new blank comic page!


(To turn on, go to... Edit > Options... and under "Single Panel Comics:" choose "Ask")

Single click on a page element adds the element to the center of the page  
Ability to duplicate pages and elements  
Pressing 'Shift' constrains an object's dimensions when resizing  
Pressing 'Shift' and clicking on another object creates a multiple selection  
Captions snap to panel corners when moved in proximity  


The best way to see the differences is to download the free 30 day trials and give them a try:

A "Deluxe" version of Comic Life 2 will not be released as Comic Life 2 contains all of the Deluxe extras - the extra fonts, styles and templates.