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Happy New Year!

Here at plasq, we wish everyone a Happy New Year and fantabulous 2015! Thank you to everyone who has used our software. We certainly have some exciting plans for the year ahead! We’ll start the year off with a fantastic…

Happy Everything From plasq!

Hello, Everyone!

plasq Holiday CardThe holidays are here and people are celebrating all over the place. So we wanted to give you a little gift for being such incredi-mazing supporters! You can download the template to our greeting card and create your own card. All of the styles are there! All you need to do is edit the text and add your own picture. If you want that cool halftone fill to come through be sure to use the Instant Alpha feature to knockout the background of you image.
Download the template and get started! If you don’t have Comic Life 3 you can try it free for 30 Days! Download for Mac and PC from


And if you want a more traditional look for your holiday card you can use this one. Be sure to download from here!

Scripting Comics In The Classroom

We’ve been having deep thoughts about script writing and education in our offices lately, and I wanted to reach out to our community with them.

Comic Life 3 received a major overhaul on several fronts, including the work flow process, which is what I want to discuss today. Here at plasq we do not pretend to be educators, but we have spent years listening and adapting our apps based on the suggestions and needs of the educators with which we have spoken. Team Superfly.comiclife SCRIPT EDITOR

Jigsaw Learning Resources: Cricket

Michaela Wilkinson – a PE Teacher, Netballer and Skier – recently posted a tweet that caught our eye! Tried @comiclife with the Jigsaw Learning concept for a Cricket lesson focussing on Fielding! #peerteaching ‏by @MWilkinsonPE We had to reach out to Michaela to find out…