Hi Facebook App Review team!

I am submitting a desktop (Mac OS) app for you to review. We’ve been allowing users to upload to Facebook for several years and hope to continue doing so. Because we support older Mac OS versions, we use our own FB API implementation.

I’m not sure how this process is supposed to work. Your instructions are for desktop apps to use “website” as the platform, which I’ve done, but my submission keeps being rejected because our website does not implement Facebook login. This is true!

I’ve tried to supply adequate notes in the submission to explain how to run the app. I don’t know how to get it to you and I hope you have a mechanism you can explain to me. I suppose I could put it up for ftp on our site. Or I can make a movie for you.

I hope you can help by explaining the desktop app review process a bit better to me. I would hate to have to pull our FB integration from our app.



[email protected]