Who, us?

Who, us?

plasq - the secret origins!!plasq, founded in 2005, is a small group of passionate people, scattered around the world, collaborating to create great software and unleash the tremendous potential of today’s computer systems for the rest of us.

Meet our team:

Airy André, Developer at plasq

Airy André

Developer – Paris, France

I am a software developer who is curious about understanding how things work, and how they should really work. So I am writing AudioUnits (and other stuff too), most of them trying to be different. One day, I’ll be a musician too.

Robert Grant, Lead Developer at plasq

Robert Grant

Lead Developer
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

I’ve been developing software professionally for almost twenty years and I love to combine interesting technologies to create new products.

I dabble in music and art – but programming is my life.

Øyvind Selbek, Backend Systems and Servers at plasq

Øyvind Selbek

Backend systems and servers
Kristiansand, Norway

Having developed for various systems since the age of 10, I love to create cool software, with a special passion for web applications, backend administration systems and automating or simplifying tedious repete-te-te-te-te-tive tasks.

I’m a PC fanatic for a decade turned mac user who never looked back.

Mark Pearson, Technical Support and Webby Stuff at plasq

Mark Pearson

Technical Support and Webby Stuff

With an affinity for computers from a young age (loved the Commodore 64!) and a desire to help create cool software that people actually enjoy using, I joined plasq.

I have a background in Marketing and computer technical support plus my enjoyment of using computers made working with the plasq crew a perfect fit.

Ted Slupesky, Developer at plasq

Ted Slupesky

Developer – Portland, Oregon, USA

One of my first real jobs was working for a little company developing software that ran on the NeXT computer.

Although my career took me in different directions after that, I never lost my love for the AppKit and Objective-C.

Being at plasq lets me work on fun projects with great people and use the best software development environment – how great is that?

Erica Carson, Hired Human and Chief Wordsmith at plasq

Erica Carson

Hired Human and Chief Wordsmith – Charleston, South Carolina, USA

I admit that with an academic background in Medieval Literature and years working as a stage and event coordinator I never expected to be on an “about page” with software developers. But it was easy to join this team of guys working to make apps that users honestly enjoy.

Being able to spend my days telling people about great products and learning about plasq app users is awesome. Everyone has a story, and I’d love to hear from all of you!


Past founders:

Two of the original founders and designers, Cris Pearson and Keith Lang have moved onto skitch.com as a separate venture.