Media Resources

Media Resources

plasq - the sources for media!!plasq is a small group of passionate people, scattered around the world, collaborating to create great software and unleash the tremendous potential of today’s computer systems for the rest of us.

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plasq Media Resources

Here you will find links to high resolution images of plasq logos and products. The images available here may be used for public press. If you are unsure of your permission status please feel free to contact us using details below.

To download an asset, right-click (Windows) or control-click (Mac) on a thumbnail and select the option for saving the image. Or simply click the thumbnail, let the high res graphic load, and then drag it to your desktop.

plasq logos

Plasq Logo 178
plasq logo for web use
Plasq Logo 178
plasq logo for print use
(PDF – High Quality Print)

Comic Life 3 Mac – Screenshots + Logo

The Comic Life 3
Script Editor
Image Filters in Comic Life 3
Lettering tools in
Comic Life 3
Full Features
Two displays

Comic Life for iOS – Screenshots + Logo

Instant Alpha tool displayed on the iPad
Portrait and landscape view
Script Editor and comic
displayed on iPad
Comic Life in Editor Mode on iPad
Comic Life in Editor Mode
on the iPad
CL3 iOS app icon-3.0-rounded
Comic Life 3 App icon

Comic Touch – Screenshots + Logo

Comic Touch by plasq: Change templates in camera view
Changing templates
in camera view
Comic Touch Gallery View
A template pack in the
Comic Touch gallery
Comic Touch by plasq: Speech balloons and captions!
Speech balloons and captions in Comic Touch
Comic Touch by plasq: Filters!
Filters in Comic Touch
Comic Touch by plasq: Share your work or print with Kodak
Sharing your Comic Touch
Comic Touch by plasq: Gallery view on the iPhone
Comic Touch gallery
view on the iPhone
Comic Touch by plasq: A final comic book cover on the iPhone
A final Comic Touch
cover on the iPhone
The Comic Touch App icon