Bullet Time!

Bullet Time!

Comic Life 3 for Chromebook takes the functionality from the photo comic desktop application and wraps it up in an easy-to-use interface, so you can effortlessly make stunning comics from your own images.

Feature Highlights

  • Make stunning comics, posters, school projects, lesson plans and lots, lots more from your images and photos!
  • Designed to be used by all ages
  • Panels, Balloons, Captions and Titles!
  • 50+ Templates with hundreds of Panel Layouts
  • 70+ bundled comic fonts
  • Advanced Editing Controls
  • 34 Adjustable Photo Filters
  • Instant Alpha
  • 12 different Shapes or use the free form drawing tool to create unlimited number of custom shapes
  • Multitude of Graphic Options
  • Eye-popping Stamps
  • Sharing Options – JPG/PNG, Printing & Google Drive support

User Experience

  • Designed to be easy-to-use for all ages
  • Drag and drop or tap interface
  • For use with either touchscreen (on supported Chromebooks) or keyboard and touchpad
  • Supports multi-page comics
  • Use images from your Pictures or Download folder
  • Resize and rotate images, clip them in panels along with balloons, captions, and lettering
  • Integrated camera feature allows you to instantly add photos to your comic
  • Smart Alignment and spacing guides to more quickly create a comic and get it looking just right!
  • Element grouping and locking ability

Templates, Layouts & Panels

  • Full Template Support
  • 50+ Great-looking Templates
  • 310+ Panel Layouts
  • Panels – choose from 9 different shapes including Square, Oval, Rounded, Beveled and Skewed
  • The image, caption(s) and balloon(s) all sit on the panel and can be easily moved and resized as a unit


  • Balloons, Captions and Titles!
  • Fast and easy comic lettering
  • 70+ bundled fonts
  • Font support for Bold, Italics, Underline and Size selection
  • Horizontal and Vertical Text Alignment
  • Advanced balloon support including Extension Balloons
  • Balloon Variety Slider and Tail Thickness selector
  • Sophisticated lettering options including bezier controls for Warping and 3D effects with Perspective and Depth Control
  • Advanced style system for consistent fonts and graphic design across multiple pages
  • Clippable Text Elements To a Panel (Balloons, Captions and Titles)

Image Manipulation and Adjustments

  • Instant Alpha tool – for quickly knocking out the background of images
  • 34 Adjustable Photo Filters; including 17 advanced parametric image filters, including Rotoscope, Paintoscope, Hatched, Sketched, Smooth, Pen, Retro and more
  • Image Adjustment Filters include Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Saturation, Sharpness and Blur
  • Images can be flipped Horizontally or Vertically

Graphic Options

  • Fully customisable fill and borders for balloons, lettering, captions, panels and shapes
  • 191 built-in creative fill options including Speedlines, Halftones, Textures and Tiles
  • 11 Stroke Types from clean lines to scratchy pens
  • 16 Page Texture Overlays
  • Opacity controls for balloons, panels, captions and shapes
  • Customisable color gradient builder
  • Shapes – 12 different shapes included or create unlimited number of custom shapes using the free form shape drawing tool


  • ‘Send a Copy’ to create a native Comic Life document which is compatible with Android, Mac, Windows, iOS and vice-versa!
  • ‘Send a Copy’ to create a PDF, JPG or ePub version of your comic for use in other apps
  • Send your comics to a printer on your wireless network
  • Transfer comics to your cloud-based Google Drive (when Google Drive is installed via Play Store)