Bullet Time!

Bullet Time!

All the tools you need to make an amazing digital comic in one app! Comic Draw takes you all the way through your scripting, drawing, inking, lettering and publishing.

Feature Highlights

  • Optimized for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
  • Standard comic and cartoon templates
  • 34 bundled brushes
  • 130+ bundled comic fonts
  • Layers and layer groups
  • 1, 2 & 3 point perspective guides
  • Fast and easy comic lettering
  • Auto-save enabled – never lose your artwork
  • Integrated publishing system

Templates, Layouts & Panels

  • Template Support – comes with a number of standard page size templates or unlimited custom page sizes
  • Panel creation with Panel slicing interface or choose from over 300 pre-made Panel Layouts
  • Choose from 9 different panel shapes including Square, Oval, Rounded, Beveled and Skewed


  • 34 bundled brushes
  • Textures and screentones
  • Lots of customization options
  • Easy favoriting system
  • Import and export brushes for easy sharing


  • Build up your artwork with layers
  • Layer groups help separate your stages of work
  • Easily move and resize groups
  • Lock, hide and merge layers as you go
  • Layer blend modes for advanced effects
  • Clipping layer support for fast coloring, shading and effects
  • Copying image data into the drawing workspaces automatically creates a new layer (within device limits)
  • Speedlines and other textures available for quick panel effects


  • Create custom color palettes
  • Multiple bundled palettes including a classic comic color palette
  • Fast color blocking with automatic edge detection from higher layers
  • Quick shade adjustment slider
  • Canvas color sampling

Perspective Guides

  • 1, 2 and 3 point guides available
  • Isometric guide for pixel art creations
  • Multiple guides per page
  • Automatic perspective snap of strokes, lines, rectangles and ovals
  • Simple guide calibration from reference photo or sketch

Selection and Masking

  • Copy, flip, distort and filter selected areas
  • Filters include hue, saturation, brightness, recolor, background exclusion and foreground selection
  • Mask regions for safe painting
  • Layer mask support for advanced masking options


  • 130+ bundled fonts
  • Advanced balloon support including extension balloons
  • Sophisticated lettering controls including warping and 3D effects
  • Advanced style system for consistent fonts and graphic design across multiple pages
  • Text elements can be rasterized to drawing layers for special lettering effects

Script Editor

  • Full comic script editor included
  • Automatic keyword recognition
  • Drag and drop lettering elements from the script to comic page


  • Separate sketch area with simplified tools
  • Fast switch back and forth between sketch and final artwork
  • Lettering layer available for panel layout planning

Publishing and Sharing

  • Record video of your creative process
  • Upload to Comic Connect* for fast and easy publishing
  • Export as Comic Draw native, PDF, ePub, JPG or PNG
  • Export to AirDrop, iCloud Drive, Photos, iTunes, email and more

* Feature not included in “Comic Draw for Schools” version.