John and Furrie

We’ve seen the Newt and John pair in an earlier blog post on this site, but what do you say to meeting another pair? John and Furrie. John has had a wild imagination and a zany sense of humour for as long as he can remember. Picture this same creative kid sitting at a college hang out and doodling on a napkin. Now enter Furrie from Stage Right.

Furrie, with his disarming puff of a nature and whimsical personality, evolved into a charming little character. And John found a great way to start working with that creativity and humor he had carried around all of these years.

Now John creates all kinds of things and uses Comic Life for everything from comics to T-shirt designs, he’s even gone back and updated some of his ole Furrie comics! You can see that most of his work is centered around the hand drawings he creates and Comic Life is used to supplement his drawings with captions and panels. His work is a great example of how Comic Life can be used as a support tool for those who want to create their comics on paper and then bring them to a digital workshop for fine tuning.

Click on the image above to see more!

You can see more of John’s work on his website. Head on over and take a look. You might just get a good chuckle for your day.

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