Tips From The Pros at Cranium Comics

Comic Life is a great app to bring all of your original ideas and drawings together into a finished product, but not everyone is sure where to get started. Fortunately you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got just the guy for you! Anthony Rezendes.

Anthony is just the guy to look toward for guidance and inspiration on creating your own graphic novel.

Excerpt from Brawn (Cranium Comics)

In a blog post on the Cranium Comics web page Anthony talks about the process of creating comics, everything from creating the script to prepping the comic pages for the printer. Cranium Comics, the creators of the amazing Brawn comic series, have been using Comic Life to create their comics from the start. With the incredible illustrations ready to go Comic Life provided Anthony the tools and the freedom to easily build his graphic novel series.

“Comic Life easily facilitated our need to have two simultaneous dialogs going by offering unique formatting options for both text bubble and block text styles. Once the images were imported into the application, it was as simple as dragging and dropping them onto the page and selecting a style. This allowed us to keep the descriptions of the story intact while building the conversations among the characters. In addition, it helped blend the story with the art and form a cohesive whole that carries the reader through the issue.”

Head on over to Cranium Comics and see just how far a little inspiration and a dash of Comic Life can take you!

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