Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade

We absolutely love when people do creative things with Comic Life! And I recently found out about a Kickstarter Project called The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade, a graphic novel mini-series that will be using Comic Life for the lettering.

The story line of their comic series is wonderfully spine tingling – it has a component of true horror story to it, and I’m a total chicken when it comes to that sort of stuff. BUT! It looks awesome.

The creators describe The Children’s Vampire Hunting Brigade thusly: “Inspired by real events…a coming of age Gothic adventure. Sometimes the good guys are a couple of bad boys. A four issue mini-series.” If you’re into thrillers I definitely recommend checking out their Kickstarter page. Please note, however, that this will probably not be for everyone and this is not suitable for all the youngsters.

From Left to Right: David Lucarelli (writer), Christopher Matteson (artist), Henry Ponciano (artist)

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