Comic Draw for iPad Release History

1.1.1 – Released 15th May, 2017

      • Fixed a potential dataloss issue when switching from the reader to the editor
      • Fixed a crash after setting the gutter to 0
      • Improved stability when using large canvases
      • Text elements can now be completely styled even when empty of text
      • Improved zoom range for large canvases
      • Fixed a bug where a few pixels were occasionally left behind after undoing a stroke
      • And other fixes and improvements

1.1 – Released 26th April, 2017

New Features!


  • User brush textures
  • 1-bit mode for solid strokes that are clean to color
  • Dynamic screentones that respond to opacity
  • Pressure sensitive transfer texture effects


  • User-defined templates supporting up to 600 PPI
  • Import and sharing support


  • Select Layer Contents
  • Mask Layer Alpha
  • Duplicate Layer

Other Features

  • PSD multi-layer image export
  • Current Page Export
  • Adonit and Wacom Stylus support, and pressure curves (including Apple Pencil)
    (Check your stylus for compatibility with iPad Pro.)

1.0.3 – Released 27th February, 2017

      • New smoothing parameter in the brush dynamics settings
      • Inking defaults to pure black
      • Fixed a bug when creating panel styles
      • And other fixes and improvements

1.0.2 – Released 31st January, 2017

      • Improved the In-App Purchase flow to clarify how the Free Trial is accessed. Apparently it’s been quite confusing!
      • Fixed a crash when opening some some URLs with the app
      • Fixed a crash when duplicating pages in Lettering mode
      • And other fixes and stability improvements

1.0.1 – Released 27th January, 2017

      • Unfavoriting a brush while sketching no longer causes a crash
      • Restore to reader mode crash now fixed
      • Adjusting the line spacing on an empty balloon no longer causes a crash
      • Selection changes are now properly committed when switching modes
      • “Open In” now exports full resolution images
      • And other fixes and stability improvements

1.0 – Released 24th January, 2017