Comic Touch for iPhone Release History

2.0.6 – Released 16th December, 2014

  • Fixed a crash that could happen during Undo
  • Fixed a problem undoing image filters
  • Improved quality of exported images

2.0.5 – Released 31st October, 2014

  • Template Pack synchronization improvements
  • Improved default style settings
  • Fixed a crash when using the camera in iOS 8
  • Fixed a problem when sharing through mail
  • Camera shutter button now sized correctly on iOS 8
  • Template style retained while editing text
  • Camera image no longer lost or resized when changing templates
  • Change photo option now undoes correctly
  • Various other stability improvements and fixes

2.0.4 – Released 17th April, 2014

  • Support for Kodak printing at Bartell Drugs.
  • Fixed crash on launch issue that affected some users after upgrade.
  • Fixed crash when transitioning to the editor that affected some users.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

2.0.3 – Released 19th February, 2014

  • Various bug fixes
  • Improved app processing speed

2.0.2 – Released 28th December, 2013

  • Fixes an intermittent crashing issue when syncing with IAP
  • Other various bug fixes

2.0.1 – Released 19th December, 2013

  • 24 Built-in designer templates to choose from and more portrait template packs available for purchase
  • 20 Photo filter combinations
  • 28 Comic-style graphics elements, from Aarrgh! to Zap!
  • Pro comic fonts included
  • Balloon, caption and lettering elements
  • Share via Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Order quality prints from Kodak, from 4×6 to 8×10

1.2.3 – Released 26th October, 2011

  • Improved iOS 5 compatibility

1.2.2 – Released 25th June, 2009

  • Bug fixes

1.2.1 – Released 17th March, 2009

  • Special characters in the email subject line
  • Location information always sent with pre-1.2 comics
  • Bottom edge of image cropped in email is now fixed

1.2 – Released 10th March, 2009

  • New smudging tool that allows free-form warping for comic effect
  • Now supports a full screen editing mode providing more room for creating comics
  • Emailed images now contain EXIF GPS tags
  • Ability to include location information in the body of the email when sharing
  • Ability to send to more than one email account at a time
  • Customizable Subject line and Signature in Settings > Comic Touch
  • New “Play Sounds: On or Off” preference in Settings > Comic Touch

 1.1.1 – Released 9th January, 2009

  • iPod Music continues to play while using Comic Touch

 1.1 – Released 6th October, 2008

  • Full Resolution export option
  • Finnish, German, Japanese and Spanish localization
  • Delete button on element details for easy access
  • Cancel button available after tapping on the new comic icon
  • Other minor improvements

 1.0.1 – Released 3rd August, 2008

  • Added Spanish and Italian localizations
  • Black frame now surrounds comic panel
  • Shake to erase balloons and captions
  • + button now always active on email send screen
  • Elongated tail bug fixed
  • Giant font making balloon disappear fixed
  • Adding newline no longer loses comic font in captions/balloons
  • Padding adjusted to reduce chance of text spilling over edge of thought and exclaim balloons

 1.0 – Released 9th July, 2008