Comic Life 1 for Mac Release History

1.5.5 – Released 27th January, 2011

    • Fixed an issue that made certain caption styles override the page style
    • And other fixes

1.5.4 – Released 4th November, 2010

  • Fixed an image loading issue with images without file extensions on OS X 10.4 machines
  • Fixed an issue that prevented copy and pasting images from another application into Comic Life on some machines
  • Plus several other fixes

1.5.3 – Released 22nd April, 2010

  • Fixed the output quality of images for Tiger and Leopard users
  • Fixed a font display issue when typing accent characters
  • Reduced the time to place certain images in a document
  • Fixed a memory leak when using the iSight capture in Snow Leopard
  • And other minor fixes

1.5.2 – Released 24th November, 2009

  • Fixed OS X 10.4 Tiger compatibility

1.5.1 – Released 20th November, 2009

  • Several Snow Leopard compatibility fixes
  • Improved .PSD, .EPS and .AI file compatibility for use in comic documents
  • And other minor fixes

1.5 – Released 2nd June, 2009

New Features
  • Easily create Single Panel Comics by dropping an image onto a new blank comic page! (To turn on, go to… Comic Life > Preferences… and under “Single Panel Comics:” choose “Ask”)
  • Ability to import comics (File > Import Comics…)
  • Now able to have a referenced image rather than copying images into the .comicdoc file (Comic Life > Preferences… > and uncheck “Copy Images into the document”)
  • A single click on a page element now adds the element to the center of the page
  • Easier to duplicate a page (Page > Duplicate Page)
  • iPhoto Events are now an option when making a Quick Comic
  • Now easier to import single pages by dragging from one document to a different document
  • Enhanced multiple item selection and resizing performance
  • Fixed a “blank page” issue which occurred for some users when using Fixed-Resolution PDF exporting
  • Rotated and Locked Lettering now stays rotated on reload
  • Again able to delete custom styles (Edit > Delete Style)
  • Balloons and Captions now expand when using the Bigger button on the Toolbar
  • Quick comic now displays page numbers correctly with more than 99 pages
  • Changed .Mac references to MobileMe
  • Several translation fixes for several languages
  • And other minor fixes

1.4.5 – Released 23rd April, 2009

Bug Fix
  • Addresses a change in Mac OS X 10.5 relating to temporary files that was causing a loss of images within comic documents being edited over a number of days

1.4.4 – Released 2nd February, 2009

Bug Fix
  • Fixes an intermittent save issue

1.4.3 – Released 12th November, 2008

Bug Fix
  • Restored compatibility with iPhoto 6 and earlier versions

1.4.2 – Released 11th November, 2008

Bug Fixes
  • Images that are only aliased (not copied) to iPhoto Library are now able to be dragged into a Comic Life document when accessed from Events
  • Fixed printing and export quality that affected some users when system language was not English
  • Improved file compatibility when opening up a Mac created file on the Windows version
  • Users with iPhoto libraries on external hard drives may notice faster loading times
  • Several changes to Help file
  • General stability improvements and bug fixes

1.4.1 – Released 9th January, 2008

Bug Fixes
  • Images that are only aliased (not copied) to iPhoto Library now are able to be dragged into a Comic Life document
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing 10.3.9 users from using the “Export to Image(s)” export option

1.4 – Released 6th December, 2007

  • Added brightness, contrast, sharpness, exposure and saturation controls to Image Attributes
  • Ability to save custom page sizes in ‘Preferences’
  • Images can now be seen at actual size/1:1 (CMD-0)
  • iPhoto ’08 Events are now accessible via the iPhoto library dropdown menu
  • Improved image export quality
  • New Jagged tail option for balloons
  • Balloons now have the ability to be rotated
  • Captions now snap to panel corners when moved in proximity
  • Page size preferences can now be sized with standard measurements (mm, cm, inches)
  • Pressing ‘Shift’ constrains an object’s dimensions when resizing
  • The font text size toolbar icons now resizes Lettering
  • The last settings in the Export dialog are now remembered (save directory, image quality, image type)
  • Pressing ‘Shift’ and clicking on another object adds to a multiple selection
  • More page sizes added to default ‘Page Size’ menu
  • Page Size menu has been revamped
  • Added ‘Export as Fixed Resolution PDF’ to the Export menu
  • Improved the quality of vector images displayed for PDF objects
  • iPhoto export now has more options (DPI and file format)
  • After copying, pastes are now offset
  • Now able to duplicate objects (CMD-D)
  • Each bubble in the tail of a thought balloon is now drawn progressively smaller
  • Now easier to see which tail is selected when a balloon has multiple tails
  • Optional integrated mailing list signup function
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue affecting some 10.5 Leopard users where font preferences were lost when reloading comic documents
  • Videos no longer appear in the iPhoto browser
  • Pasted PDF data is no longer rasterized
  • Images without extensions are now accepted
  • When zoomed in, the rollover action appears where expected
  • Gradients now ignore any transparency settings
  • Improved functionality of copying and pasting an image into a multi-imaged panel
  • Several improvements to Undo
  • Fixed several redraw issues pertaining to images, text and balloons
  • Details are again syncing with style changes from the toolbar
  • Several French translation fixes

1.3.4 – Released 20th September, 2007

Bug Fixes
  • iPhoto ’08 libraries should now display for those users affected
  • Improved stability when using Comic Life
  • Default Stylesheet has been updated to reflect the ‘Defaults’ in the ‘Built-in’ stylesheets
  • Improved font and caption compatibility with Windows version
  • Default stylesheet is now “Built-in: plasq-intl” so users can create words with accents without requiring a change in font

1.3.3 – Released 27th April, 2007

Bug Fixes
  • Several performance enhancements
  • Shadows are now drawn on all images, regardless of resolution
  • Greatly improved memory management when printing or exporting large comics
  • Fixed anti-aliasing artifacts that appeared around the edges of some objects
  • Moving an image temporarily out of a panel and back, in a single motion, now retains image sizing
  • The default panel style in new comics no longer includes a shadow
  • Improved Copy and Paste handling between Comic Life documents
  • Improved Undo handling
  • Improved image quality on export
  • Copying a single item is now isolated from overlapping objects
  • Object indicators now preserve 1:1 ratio when zoomed in
  • Activated menu items now show a check mark where applicable
  • Paste Style is now disabled if there is no style data to paste
  • Tab-stops are now preserved in the .comicdoc file format
  • Improvements to panel attributes stepper and default irregular nodes
  • Moving an image temporarily out of a multi-image panel and back, in a single motion, now retains existing panel images
  • Reverting a style no longer causes other elements with the same base style to revert their text to the style default
  • Page-selecting thumb scrollview no longer moves unexpectedly
  • Several German localization improvements
  • The ‘Backgrounds’ located under Templates now works as intended
  • The balloon attribute label ‘TEXT MARGIN’ makes a comeback!

1.3.2 – Released 21st March, 2007

Bug Fixes
  • OS X Leopard compatibility changes
  • .Mac publishing fixes
  • Balloon Attributes H and V values now sticking as intended
  • Now loads locked Lettering and irregular panels correctly
  • Preserves all manual text modifications after applying a style to a brand new item
  • Whitespace handling in lettering has been improved
  • Certain text formatting in a document now loads correctly
  • Copy and paste handling has been improved
  • Several modifications/additions to Help manual
  • Certain panels when saved as a template now drag in correctly
  • Images are now uniquely named within document to prevent same name collisions

1.3.1 – Released 30th January, 2007

Bug Fixes
  • Can now copy and paste panels with images to a new Comic Life Document
  • Drag ‘n’ drop to copy a page from one document to another now copies everything as expected
  • Fixed a copy and paste issue which resulted in a saving error message
  • Fixes some file loading compatibility issues
  • Will now launch with partially installed Developer Tools
  • When in ImageResize mode, Balloon grippies are no longer shown on mouseover
  • Fixed the “redraw mess” which appeared after resizing or modifying certain elements
  • Titles with international characters are now correctly displayed in .Mac and HTML exports
  • Capture no longer disappears when clicking on the capture button once a capture is frozen

1.3 – Released 10th January, 2007

New Features/Enhancements
  • Get a visual preview of the available styles
  • Camera is now activated only when Camera tab is selected
  • Email your comic right from Comic Life (support for Apple Mail, Eudora, Entourage and AOL mail)
  • Publish your comic to iWeb
  • Format the text in balloons and captions without needing to double-click and select the text
  • Multiple tails per balloon now supported
  • Easily extend balloons by dropping another balloon on top
  • Images auto-sized whenever they’re dropped into a panel
  • Rotate panels and captions for more visual interest
  • Uniform resizing technology; means images, lettering and irregular panels all resize in the same way as captions and balloons
  • Multiple images per panel are now supported for easy composition (use Apple/Command modifier key and drag image into panel to enable)
-Keyboard control-
  • Photoshop users: export images with shift+alt+command+s
  • Hold down shift to lock dragging vertically or horizontally
  • Press Command+mouse-click to adjust (add to or remove from) selection
Bug fixes
  • Export progress now states correctly how many pages are being exported
  • Updates to text are now saved if the cursor remains inside text-editable area
  • Handles no longer get larger when zoomed in
  • Elements can now easily be deselected when new elements are selected
  • A template with rotated panels is now saved correctly
  • With a panel you can no longer drag the one side over another side
  • When publishing a comic (.html) when it contains a hyphen (-) and a question mark (?) in the comic title no longer causes problems
  • The lock/clip attributes in the Details tab now get updated when you choose the corresponding menu items
  • When using undo on multi-moved panels images within the panels no longer move
  • Exporting at 1200 dpi is now removed from the resolution menu as it was causing Comic Life to crash on some systems
  • Images that are unclipped now get popped out of panel (if they’re in a panel)
  • Text items now availale when in edit mode
  • ‘Camera disconnect on wake from sleep’ issue is fixed
  • Page background fill now preserved during save

1.2.6 – Released 23rd June, 2006

Bug Fixes
  • iPhoto Library folder that’s pointed to indirectly by an alias can now be found
  • No longer locks up when opening a file with “/” in its name
  • Quick Comic fails to complete when iPhoto photos are aliases to other files
  • Scalar USB Microscope no longer causes freeze on launch
  • Successfully registering a standard license now gives you an immediate acknowledgement
  • Printing the help pages is now much easier
  • Performance improvements

1.2.5 – Released 3rd April, 2006

Bug Fixes
  • Low-resolution images in high-resolution output when using languages other than English
  • Text edits don’t stick if still editing when a new page is selected
  • Moving Lettering to front or back causes the individual chars to become selectable
  • Some files that should be invisible are showing up in the built-in Finder browser
  • Users who have attempted to remove the Developer Tools can’t launch version 1.2.4
  • Harmless but ugly bundle load errors when launching the application on OS X 10.3

1.2.4 – Released 16th February, 2006

New Features 
  • Localizations: Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish
  • Universal binary version now generally available
  • iPhoto and Finder icons now shown in library popup menus
  • UI changes to lettering and caption wells and new tab style
Bug Fixes
  • Images external to iPhoto 6 now load correctly
  • Missing icons in Open and Save panels now show up
  • Images dragged from libraries are now transparent during drag
  • Image pasting from other apps is working again
  • Print margins should now work consistently
  • Freeze when making changes in iPhoto now fixed
  • iPhoto libraries accessed through an alias now load correctly
  • and other fixes

1.2.3 – Universal Apple Bundle build


1.2.2 – Released 2nd November, 2005

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixes possible issue when entering registration details
  • Fixes issue where images are low res (pixely) when printed

1.2 – Released 6th October, 2005

1.2.1 released a couple hours later to fix issue on 10.3
New Features:
  • Styles and Templates Updates
  • Curvy balloon tails – (straight tails still an option)
  • Auto-syncing with iPhoto albums and Finder folders
  • Left/right text alignment now available in balloons
  • Lettering “join” option now a style attribute
  • Computer and Network registration mechanism
Bug Fixes:
  • Save As PDF now respects Comic Life page size
  • Images with the same name now handled correctly
  • Images are saved as soon as they are added to the comic
  • Export DPI menu now working correctly
  • DPI now set correctly in exported images
  • Snap grid now centered on page
  • .Mac comic names can now include punctuation
  • Image filtering now WYSIWYG when exporting to iPhoto
  • Upside down images issue now resolved
  • Pasting no longer offsets pasted elements
  • Image thumbnails should now scale correctly at all times
  • A balloon extension now inherits the style of the balloon it is extending
  • and other minor fixes

1.1.1 – Released 18th May, 2005

  • Normalized image filtering – larger images are now scaled to output dpi before being filtered.
  • Zoom to fit, fits the page to the window better
  • Lettering is now much faster and glitch free – in earlier versions jagged edges would sometimes show up, especially when changing fonts or size.
  • On-demand thumbnail loading – all thumbnails in album or folder are no longer loaded in the background.
  • ‘Comic files as folders’ bugs fixed.
  • Added tip that OS X 10.4 is required to use CoreImage filters

1.1 – Released 12th May, 2005

New Features:
  • CoreImage based photo filtering with lots of pre made styles
  • iSight/DV Cam video capture
  • Custom page sizes
  • Page range support in ‘Export To Image’
  • plasq-komika stylesheet
Bug Fixes
  • Dragging an image from one panel no longer deletes images in other panels that are crossed over.
  • Transparency is no longer supported in balloons.
  • Drag select of a panel with a background image no longer selects the image as well.
  • Flipped images are no longer incorrectly clipped inside panels.
  • Unused images are purged from file on save.
  • Style attribute changes can now be undone.
  • Occasional hairline outline around Lettering is no longer present. (Still investigating hairline around balloons).
  • Turning off frame drawing around ballons shrinks ballon outline appropriately.
  • Viewing .Mac comics on Windows.

1.0.1b – Released 22nd April, 2005

  • Pasted images retain 1:1 display. That is, they don’t get scaled. Great for screenshots
  • Added Blog (thumbnail) page size 256x192px. Good for doing little photos for your blog or website
  • Fixed a bug where images were flipped accidentally when pasted.

 1.0.1 – Released 21st April, 2005

New Features:
  • More yummy Styles. Cris has created a bunch of new balloon, caption and lettering styles.
  • More Templates. Keith has created a cool new Songcarver template collection.
  • Export to JPEG is now Export to Image(s) and supports TIFF, GIF and PNG as well as JPEG with dpi choices from 72 up to 1200 dpi (if your computer has the RAM!).
  • Drag pages between comics.
  • Copy Style from one comic to another.
  • You can now save your style changes to the default style for each type of element making comic wide changes easier.
  • ‘New +’ styles has been renamed to ‘Save As’
  • New CD insert and traycard page types (see Preferences or Format->Comic for the menu of page types).
  • New “Super B (13 x 19)” page type.
  • Mini-Finder remembers your last visited folder.
  • Format->Comic menu item has been renamed Page Format… and moved to the File menu.
  • Delete a panel has new bevhavior if there is a background image. If there is an image the first Delete will delete the image. A second Delete will delete the panel. If there is no image the first Delete naturally deletes the panel. You can delete both at once by holding down the shift key while hitting delete.
  • Moving between pages remains at current zoom level.
 Bug Fixes:
  • Selected page in organizer now displayed in sync with page up/down.
  • Page numbering now functioning correctly.
  • What you drag from the library is what you get.
  • Changing folders resets the display to the top of the scrollable area.
  • Better behaved lettering:
  • Glitches should be gone from the last letter. But bear in mind that too much distortion from the original will magnify little errors into bigger errors. If the text looks weird then up the original point size till it settle down again. (Best way to do this is to select the lettering element and use the “Details” font chooser – then you can visually see the changes (for better or worse)).
  • PDF & EPS import is now working (but may take a while to generate a thumbnail).
  • Reverting styles changes should work reliably now.
  • Quick Comic should create comics of arbitrary length without trouble.
  • Printing non-72 dpi JPEG images has been fixed (before they were scrunched up into a corner of a panel).
  • Improved redraw performance when crossing the margins.
  • Panel deletion now deletes its associated image as well.
  • “Couldn’t Save Document” bug (with associated missing images on reopen) has been fixed.
  • Printable Manual in Help now actually printable.
  • Nudging irregular shaped panels now works as expected.
  • Converting a template regular panel into an irregular panel now works as expected.
  • Crash after loading a comic with a changed comic background color now fixed.
  • Balloon edits are now always committed.
  • .Mac publishing email notification now formatted correctly.

1.0 Released 12th April, 2005