Comic Life 1 for Windows Release History

1.3.6 (71) – Released 11th November, 2008

Bug Fixes
  • If a file is incomplete (for example the computer was turned off during a save), Comic Life will try to open the file with a warning message
  • Saving now replaces the original file once successfully completed
  • Improved compatibility when opening up Comic Life files created on a Mac
  • The default camera device used in the “Capture” tab can now be changed (double click on the video view and a ‘Video Source’ dialog will show up, if supported.)
  • Explorer view now remembers the last folder viewed
  • Only Image files are now shown in the Explorer view
  • Fixed redraw issues when using “Undo”
  • Improved stability when browsing photos on a Mapped Network Drive
  • Fixed a stability issue sometimes caused by resizing multiple items
  • Moving an image out of a panel, saving and then closing the document no longer brings up a crash dialogue
  • General stability improvements

1.3.5 (62) – Released 2nd April, 2008

Bug Fixes
  • Temporary files location has changed to reflect guidelines (now located here :\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Temp\plasq\Comic Life)
  • After selecting an Album/Folder from Photos/Explorer tab, the cursor now autofocuses to the images within that Album/Folder
  • Improved BMP compatibility export when reusing in Comic Life
  • General stability improvements

1.3.4 – Released 15th October, 2007

Bug Fixes
  • ‘Email this Comic…’ now exports at the default 96 dpi resolution
  • Fixed several issues that were causing Comic Life to crash on exit
  • A Template can now be saved when using irregular shaped Panels
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes an Image would disappear after a Style change
  • Particular grayscale images no longer vanish on save and reopen of the document
  • The Comic Life temp directory is now flushed when Comic Life is launched
  • Unchecking the Irregular checkbox for a Panel on a saved document no longer crashes Comic Life
  • As with the last release, you will need to uninstall b4 before installing this one.

b4 – Released 31st September, 2007

Bug Fixes
  • Using the new beta serial will disable the ‘Please Register’ watermark until November 1st, 2007
  • Added more checking for duplicate elements
  • Added the ability to export at 96 dpi
  • The balloon line spacing has been increased
  • Fixed problem where the movie export delay time was incorrect
  • When changing styles, the latest chosen style is now reflected in the Style menu
  • Added a tweak to text width computations to fix small page numbers not drawing
  • Error code displayed when failing to copy files
  • Fixed a missing UTF8 conversion for font names
  • Fixed several memory leaks – particularly with regard to Quick Comic
  • No longer allows the ‘Fonts’ and ‘Colors’ to be clickable for elements where those pickers do not apply

b3 – Released 27th August, 2007

Bug Fixes
  • Using the new beta serial will disable the ‘Please Register’ watermark until the 1st of October, 2007
  • File menu modifications regarding New Comic, Close, Close and New Comic
  • File > Close is no longer active unless more than one comic is open
  • Export quality is now improved
  • Improved Registration handling
  • The functionality of the Bigger and Smaller toolbar buttons have been enhanced
  • Text font size is now being shown correctly in the Fonts menu
  • Lettering with shadows now copies to other applications
  • Lettering can now be copy and pasted within the application more reliably
  • More reliable launching on computers with many images
  • Cut/Copy/Paste no longer interferes with document saving
  • Can now “Check for Updates” in the Help menu
  • GIF images now preserve transparent backgrounds when dragging into Comic Life
  • Lettering can now have its font modified from the Fonts option in the Toolbar
  • Balloons no longer format three text periods as a ‘0’ on reloading of a saved document
  • The Comic Life installer now installs the Comic Life shortcut in the All Programs list on other accounts on the system

b2 – Released 25th June, 2007

Bug Fixes
  • Using the new beta serial will disable the ‘Please Register’ watermark until the 1st of September, 2007
  • Can now access other Hard Disk Drives using Explorer tab, found in the ‘My Computer’ drop down
  • Using the Photos browser now shows folders within a folder
  • Accents are now saved correctly and new documents created will open correctly
  • Fixed several issues that caused error messages when saving
  • Balloons and captions are now WYSIWYG on export/print
  • Shadows on panels and images are now WYSIWYG when exported
  • Installation issues that were affecting some users should now be resolved – if you get an error, please send us the installation log (Vista machines).
  • Comic Life’s default Stylesheet is now ‘Built-in: plasq-intl’ (this can be changed in Preferences)
  • Chinese and Japanese characters now save and load correctly
  • A ‘placeholder’ is displayed when opening a Mac generated .comicdoc file containing a .pdf, TGA and/or PSD file (these are unsupported in Comic Life for Windows)
  • ‘Delete Key’ now deletes text as per normal Windows behavior
  • ‘Backspace’ now also deletes elements on a page
  • The ‘bigger’ and ‘smaller’ buttons in the Toolbar are now inactive for Lettering
  • A ‘right-click’ on the page view thumbnails on the left now brings up a menu with various options
  • The Help file (Help > Comic Life Help) should now load correctly (for those users were having issues)
  • Now loads irregular-sided, locked panels correctly
  • Can now resize an image and press enter without crashing Comic Life
  • Should now launch correctly for the small number of users who experienced a crash on launch
  • Should no longer crash when changing styles

b1 – Released 1st May, 2007

  • Open beta released on forums