Comic Life 2 for Windows Release History

2.2.7 (v26753) – Released 7th October, 2013

  • Clicking on “Purchase” button in register window works again
  • Custom page sizes no longer flip width and height on reopen
  • Cyrillic characters can be used in comic filenames

2.2.6 (v25190) – Released 3rd April, 2013

  • Improved reliability when saving to a network
  • Added new Tablet ‘page sizes’ in Page Setup
  • Names are now displayed when hovering over panels in Panel Layouts
  • Re-enabled the ability to delete custom made “User Sizes” in Page Setup
  • Added 5 missing lettering styles from ‘Comic Life Deluxe’ into the Blank (with Styles) template
  • No longer overwrites files without warning when saving, with the same name as another file, without a file extension (or vice versa)
  • Can now drop images into balloons when using Templates
  • Several translation fixes
  • Plus other general stability improvements and bug fixes

2.2.5 (v23735) – Released 27th October, 2012

  • Windows 8 Compatible
  • Added “Lock” and “Unlock” in the ‘right-click’ pop-up menu
  • Correct alignment when printing (on the right side for some affected users)
  • Image Style filter thumbnails are using the correct ‘stylised’ preview thumbnail again
  • Performance improvements when viewing images in “Photos” and “Explorer”
  • Unfiltered images are no longer being filtered by the ‘Image Filter Resolution’ setting
  • “Template Chooser” remains in background after choosing a template for easy reselection after closing comic document
  • A4 templates top margins are now the same size as the other margins
  • “Fall” template now works correctly
  • Improvements to ‘copying and pasting’ elements out of Comic Life 2
  • When “Replace Image” is done – the new image maintains the previous images layer position
  • Plus other general stability improvements and bug fixes

2.2.4 (v23146) – Released 27th August, 2012

  • Fixed memory bug that was causing random crashes for some users
  • Copy and pasting preserves transparency again
  • Improved stability when ‘Alt-tabbing’
  • Video capture upgraded to use modern API – fixing a number of issues
  • When ‘Show Pages & Styles’ is enabled it now minimises without issue
  • Increased robustness when dragging images from ‘Photos’ tab to panels
  • Now more stable on launch if no cameras are detected
  • Plus other various bug-fixes and stability improvements

2.2.3 (v22648) – Released 20th June, 2012

  • Improved the registration process for affected Windows 7 users
  • Install process is improved – now properly installed for all users (aliases now appear on other user desktops)
  • Improved progress bar now appears when saving
  • Improved dictionary support
  • Improved responsiveness when entering text if spell check is enabled
  • Ability to export a page with a transparent background
  • Improved importing of Comic Life 1 files
  • Mouse scrollwheel now works in areas with scrollbars
  • Inspector now adjusting numeric values as expected
  • Format Color now sets text color correctly
  • Can now type font size correctly in Font panel
  • JPEG compression slider now fixed for various quality/size options
  • Added support for certain types of TIFF images
  • ePub exporting no longer adds white border on export
  • CBZ exporting no longer has its pages out of order
  • Can now copy images from web browsers and paste into Comic Life 2
  • The ability to select which pages print out using Print Menu now works
  • Now able to save over a custom template by double clicking filename
  • Differences between platforms clarified in Help documentation
  • The “Fall” template is saveable once more
  • Plus other general stability improvements and bug fixes

2.2.2 (v22232) – Released 27th April, 2012

  • Fixed random window shrinkage that affected some users
  • Fixed a bug where large Pictures/My Pictures folders caused the app to stall during launch
  • Added a ‘Blank (with Styles)’ template. This is the same as ‘Blank Deluxe’ template – but is now more obviously named
  • When a blank template is selected the ‘Panel Layouts’ are automatically shown
  • Now saves current text changes, whilst still in the edit mode of the element
  • Plus general stability and other bug fixes

2.2.1 (v22069) – Released 17th April, 2012

  • PDF files exported in Comic Life 2 now open correctly
  • Pages can now be reordered
  • Images temporarily move to the top while being dragged so you can drop them in any panel
  • Image no longer moves within the panel when it’s resized
  • Plus other various bugfixes and stability improvements

2.2 (v21971) – Released 15th March, 2012