Comic Life for iOS/iPadOS Release History

Comic Life 3.5.15 (v37350) for iOS | iPadOS
– Released 23rd February, 2024

  • Import from iCloud Drive now supported
  • PNG export options
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Comic Life 3.5.14 (v36806) for iOS | iPadOS
– Released 4th February, 2021

  • Re-enables support for custom fonts
  • Element alignment guides now also work for extension balloons

Comic Life 3.5.13 (v36644) for iOS | iPadOS
– Released 24th June, 2020

  • Fixed a bug where font categories did not appear

Comic Life 3.5.12 (v36617) for iOS | iPadOS
– Released 10th June, 2020

  • Fixed an issue with dictated text
  • Fixed an issue with undo and extension balloons
  • Fixed an issue with copy/paste between documents
  • Fixed an issue when dismissing the inspector on iPhone
  • And other fixes and improvements

Comic Life 3.5.11 for iOS – Released 23rd September, 2019

  • iOS 13 and iPadOS compatible
  • Improved Font Picker, now incorporating “Recent” font section
  • UI Bug Fixes

Comic Life 3.5.10 for iOS – Released 1st November, 2018

  • Restored script templates to the iPad edition
  • Fixed the template sorting order

Comic Life 3.5.9 for iOS – Released 25th October, 2018

  • Fixed a crashing issue when attempting to save an image to the Photo Library

Comic Life 3.5.8 for iOS – Released 4th October, 2018

  • Removed Flickr integration for user protection

Comic Life 3.5.7 for iOS – Released 28th September, 2017

  • Fixes a crash when adjusting text border on iPhone
  • Exported JPEG files are properly identified once more
  • Fixes the disappearing icon issue with iOS 11
  • And other compatibility improvements

Comic Life 3.5.6 for iOS – Released 13th September, 2017

  • iOS 11 compatibility fixes

Comic Life 3.5.5 for iOS – Released 3rd May, 2017

  • Fixed JPEG image export bug that had the wrong contents and wrong resolution
  • New app setting to select classic panel resizing mode (Toggle on in the iOS Settings app > Comic Life 3 > Classic Panel Resizing)
  • Arrange now works when just two elements are on a page

Comic Life 3.5.4 for iOS – Released 26th September, 2016

  • New comic menu now displays properly on iPhones running iOS 10

Comic Life 3.5.3 for iOS – Released 21st September, 2016

  • iOS 10 compatibility fixes

Comic Life 3.5.2 for iOS – Released 4th May, 2016

  • Crash on launch with iOS 8 fixed
  • Color halftone settings are now accessible on iPhone
  • WebDAV access on intranets improved
  • Double tap recognition with Apple Pencil and Touch3D capable devices fixed

Comic Life 3.5.1 for iOS – Released 31 March, 2016

  • Double tap fix for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • Grouped elements can now be freely resized

Comic Life 3.5 for iOS – Released 21 March, 2016

  • Lots of beautiful new templates
  • New full-color halftone fill option
  • Script text now replaces text in templates
  • And many other improvements and fixes

Comic Life 3.1.6 for iOS – Released 21 December, 2015

  • Fixed a crashing bug when entering Reader mode with a rotated device.


Comic Life 3.1.5 for iOS – Released 22 October, 2015


  • Fixed a crash when rotating a device while displaying an alert in iOS 9
  • Fixed a crash when browsing Flickr images with an intermittent Internet connection
  • Other stability improvements

Comic Life 3.1.4 for iOS – Released 23 September, 2015


  • Fixed a crash when accessing balloon tail width controls
  • Fixed a crash when pasting invalid image data from 3rd party apps
  • Other minor fixes

Comic Life 3.1.3 for iOS – Released 18th August, 2015


  • Eliminated another crash, and improved how undo works on iPhone and with scripts on iPad.

Comic Life 3.1.2 for iOS – Released 4th August, 2015


  • Eliminated some crashes. Sorry about that!

Comic Life 3.1.1 for iOS – Released 23rd July, 2015


  • Fixed a bug that prevented comics imported from Dropbox and other apps from appearing.

Comic Life 3.1 for iOS – Released 13th July, 2015


  • Convert shapes into panels
  • Improved external keyboard support
  • Improved compatibility with Comic Life 3.1 for Mac OS
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 3.0.4 for iOS – Released 14th January, 2015


  • Fixed a crash using Open In Other Application
  • Fixed bug that forced extension bubbles to be the same type as the primary bubble

Comic Life 3.0.3 for iOS – Released 8th January, 2015


  • Added support for iCloud Drive
  • Improved image saving to Photos
  • Improved results from flickr searches
  • Several other fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 3.0.2 for iOS – Released 31st October, 2014


  • Fixed a problem that resulted in poor quality of shared images.

Comic Life 3.0.1 for iOS – Released 15th October, 2014


  • Multiple images can now be added to a panel
  • Comics from Comic Life 2 can now be imported from iTunes
  • Fixed a crash when importing scripts through iTunes
  • Fixed a crash when accessing the style browser
  • Fixed a crash when rearranging pages
  • iOS 8: Open In and Sharing now functioning
  • iOS 8: Shape drawing now functioning
  • iOS 8: Script font no longer reverts to Arial
  • Other stability improvements

Comic Life 3.0 for iOS – Released 23rd September, 2014

New Tools and Features in Comic Life 3

  • Script Editor (iPad only) that recognizes elements as you type
  • 17 Advanced parametric image filters
  • Dozens of full templates with hundreds of panel layout options
  • Instant Alpha tool built in so you can knock out image backgrounds
  • Speedlines, halftones, and textures
  • Fully customizable fill and borders for balloons, lettering, captions, panels and shapes
  • New balloon variety slider for even more customization
  • Customizable gradient builder
  • Draw shapes
  • Over 60 font options
  • Load photos directly from photo library
  • Integrated camera feature to instantly add photos to your comic
  • Supports multi-page comics

Comic Life 2.2.2 for iOS – Released 2nd March, 2019

  • Fixed a crash when editing blank captions or balloons
  • Prevented a random crash when transitioning from the reader to the editor

Comic Life 2.2.1 for iOS – Released 3rd March, 2018

  • Fixes a crash when adding High Efficiency Image Files (a new photo format)

Comic Life 2.2 for iOS – Released 30th November, 2017

  • 64-bit compatible

Comic Life 2.1.11 for iOS – Released 16th January, 2014

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.10 for iOS – Released 26th November, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.9 for iOS – Released 18th November, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.8 for iOS – Released 5th November, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.7 for iOS – Released 11th October, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.6 for iOS – Released 26th September, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.5 for iOS – Released 9th September, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.4 for iOS – Released 19th July, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.3 for iOS – Released 28h May, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.2 for iOS – Released 15th April, 2013

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.1.1 for iOS – Released 28th January, 2013

  • Performance enhancements
  • Updated localizations
  • Various bug fixes

Comic Life 2.1 for iOS – Released 20th December, 2012

  • Adds support for iPhone 5
  • Enhanced comic collections management
  • Improved accounts management
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.0.1 for iOS – Released 8th November, 2012

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Comic Life 2.0 for iOS – Released 2nd October, 2012

  • Free update for exisiting Comic Life for iPad users
  • Name change to “Comic Life 2 for iOS”
  • Now available for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • “Open In” feature allows users to share a PDF of comics in other apps
  • Two page reader mode on iPad
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

1.2.4 – Released 3rd August, 2012

  • Various stability improvements and fixes

1.2.3 – Released 3rd July, 2012

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

1.2.2 – Released 12th June, 2012

  • Improved WebDAV support
  • In Tray transfer performance increased
  • Other fixes and stability improvements

1.2.1 – Released 18th April, 2012

  • Updated for Retina devices plus various other bug fixes

1.2 – Released 15th March, 2012

  • Three new Import and Export options: Dropbox, iTunes file syncing, and WebDAV. Also, High quality option is now available for saving photos to your Photo Library. The Import and Export options allow either Comic Life Archive or PDF formats. Comic Life Archives can be shared with desktop versions of Comic Life.

1.1.1 – Released 26th October, 2011

  • Improved handling of transparent PNGs from all image sources
  • And other various minor improvements

1.1 – Released 13th October, 2011

  • Localized into Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
  • High resolution output including PDF and JPEG
  • Twitter image posting
  • Comics can now be dragged between collections for easier management
  • Transparency in PNGs is preserved (when pasting images)
  • And other minor improvements

1.0.5 – Released 13th September, 2011

  • Fixed crashing bug when adding shapes
  • CJK glyphs now appear in lettering as expected
  • Other fixes and stability improvements

1.0.4 – Released 18th July, 2011

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

1.0.3 – Released 23rd June, 2011

  • Many stability improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

1.0.2 – Released 24th May, 2011

  • Enables full UI mirroring for iPad 2
  • Various crash fixes that occur during editing
  • Fixes crash when hitting “Undo” on numeric keyboard
  • Provides easy crash reporting system for enhanced support
  • Other bug fixes

1.0.1 – Released 2nd May, 2011

  • Fixes the Blank template crash after install via iTunes sync

1.0 – Released 28th April, 2011