What people are saying about Comic Life..

“I think THIS little piece of software is the sensation of the season. And it is much more than just a comic strip illustrator for beginners. …  I would even give it six out of five stars… ;-)”
– MacBelwinds

“Best new program that I have seen in at least a year! Already feedback is pouring in from friends/family for the comic I posted of my kids on my .Mac website.”
– Phil M

“The app is simply incredible. It’s elegant and utterly Mac-like, with an iLife-style interface. Even cool sound effects (creaking and whooshing) as you manipulate elements, which should be annoying, are strangely fun.”
Peter Kirn, powerpage.org

“After 5 minutes with Comic Life, I was hooked. I was having fun, playing, smiling, and creating finished products that made other people happy.”
– wmahoski

Brilliant! This is perfect for storyboarding or panel breakdowns for comic book projects. You did it and pulled it off. This will help comic illustrators like me plan things out.”
– Adam Glazer

Cris and Keith from plasq were interviewed by the MAKE audio show. Listen to the mp3 here. (we are on halfway in)

Also, be sure to check out the Comics users have been posting here on flickr, to see what is going on in the world of Comic Life