Time for a bit of a wrap up…

Comic life has received 5/5 from MacUser UK, 5/5 from Deep Thought, 5/5 from Macloaded, and glowing reviews from MacCast, appleshift, Mac 360 among many others! Indepth review from MacMentor is a great overview of Comic Life.

plasqer, Rob Grant, has Comic Life running on a test Intel based Mac at WWDC already!

Chris Pirillo for CPU magazine has said about Comic Life, “One application that typifies the creative elegance that can be found on systems outside of Windows is Comic Life from plasq.com.”….”It runs well, looks amazing, and does something so incredibly unique..”

SOS Magazine have a mini review of musolomo. “You might still find that it takes a few minutes to get your head around the basic idea, but musolomo seems like a lot of fun and can do things I can’t imagine achieving in any other way”.