Newt and John

You guessed it – Comic Life is used to help put it together!

“It’s actually one of the main reasons I bought the Mac,” Mike Hogue, the author told us, “I had played with it enough to know it would produce my comic quicker than if I used Flash to create the panels and layout.”

Mike creates all the artwork of Newt and John entirely in Flash on his PC, and exports it as a series of 300 dpi PNG images. He then transfers the images to his Mac before dropping them into panels within Comic Life.

Mike adds, “Often, I’ll write out the dialogue for the whole comic in Comic Life before I add the artwork, to see where the balloons will be, and how much space they’ll take up. I like how easy it is to change my mind and adjust the dialogue in Comic Life.”

We definitely like the result! If you like weird and crazy adventures check out the Newt and John comics! 🙂

Newt and John