Comic Life packs a lot of ‘Brawn’!

“I used Comic Life on my Mac exclusively to lay out the storyboards, then later when I created and colored all 24 pages of the issue,” recounted Anthony Rezendes, the owner of Cranium Comics and co-creator of Brawn.

The comic ‘Brawn’ focuses on a dockworker named Sam Ross who was reborn as the hero “Brawn” after he was nearly killed in a drunk driving accident.

“Being an illustrator, it saved me quite a bit of time from having to lay all the text bubbles out manually. It made the process of actually creating the comic that much more enjoyable,” Mr. Rezendes added.

We think this comic is great! So check out ‘Brawn’ on the Cranium Comics site or read the first 5 pages on our Comic Life gallery.

Brawn: An Original Comic book