Digmo's e-Book for Comic Life!

*This Post Has Been Modified*
DigMo! is no longer running an education site, but we do have links to the available content.

DigMo! is a tech-ed site posting great tips on how to better use technology. And among the general goodness of the blog, Digmo has written a really nice (and free) e-book on Teaching With Comic Life 2 !

An excerpt from Digmo’s Post:

“A few years ago I put together a really rudimentary teaching guide to using Comic Life in the classroom. It was thrown together as a series of test lessons but I was asked for a copy and thus made it public.”

“Last December I gave it a little refresh to cover Comic Life 2 although it is still patchy around the corners. The unit covers the idea of visual story telling and communicating a narrative with only 6 photos. You can obviously adjust the rules according to age group, for example you might allow some text direction in the comic frames.”

“Comic Life is a digital story telling application with a difference. The simple graphical user interface and intuitive drag and drop workflow makes it a perfect tool for classrooms both at primary and secondary level. The Comic Life Application is intuitive and fun to use, it simply removes any ICT barrier and allows pupils to focus on creative communication.”


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