Telling A Tadpole's Story

Comics can be used in science classes to show biological processes, even the most confusing ones. Ever needed to teach students how an egg changes into something that swims around like a fish, and then into something that has a tail AND legs, and finally into something that can jump around on land? Who would ever do that without pictures?!

Using our Science Project template students can easily lay out images for themselves and watch the process happen right in front of them – no slimy frogs required! Have a look a the example sent in from Ms. McGuin’s 1st Grade Class:

1st Grade Class Project

Here are some screenshots of how to get started using our Science Project template. In no time at all you can have yours started too!

When you start Comic Life select the "Science Project" template

Add arrows to show how the process moves along.


Easily drag and drop images from online sources into your project.

Add speech balloons and other elements to describe what you're showing.

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