It's A Breakthrough

Allow me to introduce you to Pat Kaufman of The Design Company. When we first met Pat this is what we were told: “I am graphic designer celebrating over 30 years in my own business, and I use Comic Life all the time. (I’ve already used it today on two current projects.) We have a lot of educational clients.”

Comic Life? Education?! 30 years of experience?! I had to find out more.

It turns out that Pat has worked on some really great projects, not only from a design perspective but also from an innovative educational standpoint too. In St. Paul, MN educators have developed a Breakthrough Program, created to help students teach students. Breakthrough St. Paul has two mission goals:

1) To help highly motivated, under-resourced middle school students from Saint Paul Public Schools succeed in rigorous honors coursework and get to college.
2) To attract a diverse group of talented young people to the field of education.

What a great mission! And with intelligent and fun designes created in Comic Life, Pat has given this project an energized presence. Check out Pat’s designs and learn more about the Breakthrough St. Paul by visiting their site:

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