Teaching Photography with Comic Life

Apologies for the massive delay in providing a new post to everyone! I have many reasons but no excuse. But now that we’re all here again, I hope you’ll enjoy this one.

We have had a lot of different educators get in touch with us, and some really cool uses of Comic Life have made their way to us. Here is a great example of how you can use Comic Life to create a “How To Guide.”

"Digital Photo How To Guide"

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Year 6 (10-11 year old) students in Palmerston North, New Zealand use Comic Life to produce How To Guides for taking digital photographs. Using captions they verbally break down the essential elements of photography and framing a picture, and then they follow up with a visual example of the element with a photo.

With projects like this one students are engaging in multiple levels of comprehension and they have to process information in a several formats, allowing them more encounters with the information (and therefore more opportunities to learn). As a teacher you also have many different ways to approach assessment with this project, and you also have a chance to see how your students would teach others.

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