Comic Life at CUE

plasq went to CUE (Computer Using Educators), a conference in Palm Springs, CA, where educators and technology collide and all sorts of awesome ideas are shared and created. It’s a hard life, but someone has to go. So Robert and I took one for the team and headed to the desert.

Here are some pictures from the 2012 CUE conference:

Ms. Buhler's Class gather's at the Comic Life booth at CUE 2012

Ms. Buhler and her class.

A student in front of her Literary Puppets display board.


Using Comic LIfe to teach literary terminology.

During the conference we were able to talk to many current users as well as let many other people know about Comic Life. We had a lot of feedback about various things and are now back in the office working to make Comic Life even better.

We had a treat this year when we met Ms. Kim Buhler and her students. Ms. Buhler’s students were part of a student showcase, and presented their project – Literary Puppets. The project involves multimedia, performance, and spans across middle and high school grade levels. Head over to their site if you’d like to learn more about the innovative Literary Puppets project.

Let us hear from you about your Comic Life projects! Remember you can always write in to [email protected] or comment. I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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