Educating With Super Heroes

Hello everyone, please let me introduce you to Jessica White from Mt. View Elementary.

Jessica created a great project for 4th and 5th grade technology camp students using Comic Life. The project is multi-phased and involves building blocks which help students to plan ahead and work from foundations created along the way. The project took four 60-minute sessions and culminated in students having awesome super hero comics.


Session Breakdown

Session One: Planning

  • Introduce students to Marvel® for inspiration.
  • Students choose superhero and it’s powers.
  • Students sketch an outline or storyboard of their comic.

Session Two: Character Building

  • Students create visuals of super heroes and villains.
  • If images are hand drawn transfer to a digital format

Session Three:  Setting the Scene

  • Students create their scenes using a drawing program. (Jessica used Pixie 2.)
  • Most students had roughly 5-6 scenes.

Session Four: Comic Life

  • Students pull all of their work into Comic Life and create their final comic.

Jessica used a rubric from Read, Write, Think to evaluate the projects:

Take a look at one student’s inspired multipage comic about Lavaguy:

Click on the image to read more pages.

Jessica told me, “The kids had a blast working on their comics.” And, really, that’s what we like to hear most of all. She hopes to use this project again as a Curriculum Performance Indicator for 4th Grade by, “using a super hero to demonstrate knowledge of how heat can change a state of matter in comic style format.” How cool is that?! Take a look at the Super Hero Comic Project Writeup.


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