Global Collaboration

I love to see educators embracing available technology with creative projects. We’ve seen some incredible ideas coming from @PEGeeks, in particular a post by Jon Tait about a recent transatlantic effort. The students of Merton School, Wisconsin and Woodham Academy, Durham put together an awesome international event…

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the International Dance Off!

(eeeek! so excited!) 

I’ll let Jon tell you about how the idea originated and took off. Here’s an excerpt from the Edutait Blog:

“The opportunity came about after I developed an initial idea into a website and twitter feed (@pegeeks) dedicated to bringing PE teachers across the world (from the already established #pegeek online community) together to do exactly this – share good practice & resources, ask for advice & collaborate on creative & innovative projects. The slogan #TogetherWeAreStronger perfectly illustrates the community values and spirit amongst the 1,600 and rapidly growing followers throughout the world.

After connecting with Matt Pomeroy from Merton School in Wisonsin and having an initial chat about wanting to collaborate on a dance project, we came up with the idea of a live ‘dance off’ over Skype where our students would dance for each other and then judge each school’s performance. Lead dance teacher at Woodham, Angela Minervini got working immediately with our girls and their was a real buzz about the project and how great it could be!”

Be sure to check out the full blog post to learn more about the project and see pictures of the event.


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