Grandpa Grumpy

If there were awards for Best Grandpa Ever and a category for Tech Savvy it would have to go to Jay. He know’s his way around a computer, casually telling me, “I programmed my first computer in 1961 and find that I have my hands on a keyboard on every day that ends in ‘y’.”

I think Jay is awesome!

He created a book series called Tales from Boots & Saddles in order to stay in touch with his grandsons who live in England. And if the ‘good guy’ factor isn’t enough Jay gets points for building everything from the ground up. He used Poser, Bryce, DAZ, Strata 3d, Wings and Silo to animate his characters, writes the stories, puts it all together in Comic Life and then he posts everything online for free!

That’s right. Free.

You should check out his books on

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