Why Libraries Are Awesome

There are some incredible people out there that we might never get to meet. Thanks to the internet, however, we can cross paths with each other in moments of greatness. This, my friends, is one of those moments…

Please allow me to introduce to you a group of people that I would love to share a happy hour with – The Greene County Public Library staff. These women and men put together a very funny comic about how awesome libraries are and their importance to our communities.

The Greene Country Public Library posted their comic with the heading “Looking back at the Library from the Year 2054” and set the scene:

“The year is 2054, and an asteroid is heading straight toward the library. Two scientists in a nearby lab are the only ones who know. The scientists part ways—one in an effort to change a destiny written in the cosmos, the other to notify the top government officials. Is the library worth saving? Do libraries deserve to meet the same fate as the dinosaurs?”

The full comic is below, just click to enlarge the images. Visit their facebook page to see more of the wonderfulness that comes from the Greene County Library.

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