Comic Life as an Assessment Tool


Thanks to our fancy schmancy suggestion bar at the bottom of our posts we recently had a request to write about Comic Life as an assessment tool. And that’s just what we’re going to do.

First off I want to make sure that everyone knows we are not educators here at plasq. We are software people who happen to have happily drifted into the education world thanks to our users. Everything we know about Comic Life in education comes directly from teachers in the field, which is actually pretty cool. What you’ll find here are lessons that have already been tested and approved in a classroom situation. (woot!)

Comic Life as an Assessment Tool

The great thing about Comic Life is that it is a very flexible app when it comes to lesson planning. That means it can be used to meet Common Core State Standards as well as meet ISTE Standards. You can design a lesson using Comic Life to include just about any subject matter and evaluate based on a rubric tailored to the content. 

Most of the rubrics I have come across include categories of: Information Accuracy, Content Presentation (spelling/grammer), Address Project Questions, Layout / Readability, Overall Creativity. South Philadelphia High School put together a wonderful wiki page that includes several lessons using Comic Life, there are links at the end of this page as well as rubrics in the gallery.

I’ve included a few of the rubrics below. You can click on the image below and enlarge it to see more.

Click to enlarge and see more rubrics.

Click to enlarge and see more rubrics.

Kristen Honaker - Vocabulary Lesson Rubric

Kristen Honaker – Vocabulary Lesson Rubric

Ms. Coleman History of Hip-Hop RubricGene Yang_s Chemical Elements RubricKingdom of Life Rubric

There are a lot of lessons using Comic Life out there, more than we can include in one post. If you have one that you want to share please let us know.

Resources for rubrics and lessons:

Chelsea Howell’s lesson integrating technology into a reading assignment.

Kristin Honaker’s lesson on career education and readiness.

South Philadelphia High School’s Wiki Page has a ton of resources to work from including some referenced in this post: History of Hip Hop Lesson, Chemical Elements Lesson, and Kingdom of Life Lesson.

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