Arts Award

Hello All! We have some great news to share. This July Comic Life is helping sponsor the Arts Award Conference in Yorkshire, England!

Wondering what Arts Award is? Here’s a little information on the program from one of their program officers, Daniele De Lissandri:

Arts Award is a nationally recognised art based qualification which supports young people aged 5-25 to become artists and arts leaders. Young people have to produce a portfolio of evidence in any format to show the range of activities and work they have taken part in. Arts Award supports young people to take part in any art form from photography to film, DJing to dance and includes backstage and technical roles as well as emerging and combined art forms. This allows young people to be as creative and imaginative as possible as they can really push the boundaries in their artistic development.
The conference in July will be attended by those who are delivering Arts Award and those who are keen to find out more about what the award can offer. Throughout the day, we will collecting our own evidence of the event and will produce our own comic using Comic Life based on the photos we take of the attendees and participants.
We have always promoted the use of Comic Life to the advisers who support the young people to achieve their Arts Award. We do this because we feel that Comic Life really brings photographs to life and it allows young people to put their photos into a creative and accessible format. Young people have to reflect, annotate and describe the activities they have taken part in using photographic evidence and Comic Life supports this through its range of features and tools.
We would like to thank the plasq crew for their support for our event and we will of course be posting another blog reflecting on our event when it has taken place. For more information about Arts Award visit


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