Comic Life for iOS Update!

Hello everybody!

Just wanted to let you know that we have put out an update for Comic Life for iOS, the most awesome photo comic creation software around.

(Not that we’re biased or anything). 

Comic Life for iOS is now on version 2.1.7. In this update we’ve fixed some bugs added stability improvements and just made the whole comic creation experience even more smooth than it was before.

Creating with Comic Life for iOS is fun, fast and care free. Just ask the good folks over at iCreate Magazine.

While there are plenty of photo-related apps around, we can’t think of any that manage to present your photos in such an original way as Comic Life. You can add photos or sketches to any of a huge selection of comic templates, add text and speech bubbles, and save the whole comic. What makes it really great is the polished user interface. The wood effect of the bars along the top and bottom is great, and everything feels incredible intuitive. The app uses multi-touch brilliantly, too, allowing you to zoom in and out of areas of your comic, and rotate your images or text boxes using a two- finger twist motion.

Creating a comic is both extremely quick and ridiculously easy. Choose a design you like and you will see an opening page. You can add photos, edit the text and move everything around, then add a new page. You have a choice of boxed templates, like classic comics, or templates that fit the design you have chosen. Each is different and each design has different effects. Playing around with this is great fun and with sharing options like emailing, adding to your Photo Library and sending to Facebook, you can impress your friends with your great comic-book designs.

– Stephen Ashby, iCreate

Read the full post reviewing Comic Life for iOS on the iCreate site.


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