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Kelly Croy, Editor and Senior Writer of Wired Educator, recently reviewed Comic Life 3.

Holy bananas, you guys, they loved it! You can find the original post on the Wired Educator site, but I’ve included most of it below. It’s great that other people think Comic Life 3 is the top photo-comic app out there.

If you haven’t tried out Comic Life 3 for yourself yet grab free 30 day trial from plasq.com/downloads today!

Comic Life 3 is now out for Mac and this Wired Educator is excited. I have been using Comic Life in my classroom for years! It’s a great way to make comic books, panel comics, and also just a creative text editor for posters and so much more.

I am an ELA 7 teacher and I use Comic Life as a great way to get my students to get excited about writing and editing.  I use to have to go through a process of several apps to brainstorm, storyboard, script, edit, and publish. Now you no longer need to switch between apps in preparation to make a comic.  Everything you need from storyboarding, scripting, to the finished product is built in to Comic Life 3 making it perfect for your classroom. This is an awesome tool for digital storytelling. Comic Life 3 should be in the hands of every educator and student.

When my students are finished we created our own eBooks and iBooks. Now Comic Life 3 allows you to export as ePub or CBZ. (CBZ is an actual comic book file. Kinda cool.) I would love to see an option to send it directly to iBooks Author.

Here are some great new features:

WE Comic Life 3

Story Boarding! My students use Comic Life on several projects, but my favorite is when they use it to create a myth. In the past I had my students storyboard their ideas out on separate paper templates that I created, and then work on a script. Well, now Comic Life 3 has added storyboarding right into the application.  It’s perfect!

Script Editor: Comic Life 3 now has a built in word processor called a script editor. As you style you will see icons appearing alongside your text. The application is figuring out what comic elements you need as you type. When you are finished typing, just drag and drop your text worm the script into your layout.

New templates! Comic Life 3 has added some great new templates.  There are now over 35 to choose from and you can of course create your own. They’ve even created a list of templates titled ‘Education’ for education. Love it.

New Design Elements: The filters in Comic Life 3 also received a significant upgrade. Seventeen new filters were added that make amazing photos and panels for your work. Almost 200 fill-in options were also added to give your images incredibly creative comic book appearance. For example, speed lines were added as a fill in to make your characters look like they are moving fast. Also, Comic Life 3 has the ability to knock out the background of images so you can overlay them on new scenes and it even includes an Alpha tool! You can even blur the background to bring your characters into the foreground. There is even a brush-stroke element to make your photos look hand-drawn!

Additional Notes:  Balloons and lettering received many cool upgrades too. I like seeing the built-in rulers and spacing guides on the new two-page view.

Plasq has taken a great software application and perfected it. I am so excited to use Comic Life 3 with my students on our upcoming project.

The upgrade to Comic Life 3 is perfect for education. Pick up your copy here or learn more.

Wired Educator Grades Comic Life 3 an A+. 

Comments: Excited to use this software with my students! Great job!


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