Multi Media Digital Stories Created on the iPad

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A recent class project – Multimedia Digital Stories using the iPad

Over the past half term I have been working with a Year 4 class at Cheadle Heath Primary School in Stockport.

I have been trying to inspire the children by using the iPad to create digital stories. I wanted the children to develop their methods of story telling using different skills through a range of different apps.

For each part of the story, the children used a different app to bring their story alive. All the content was then put together using the app Book Creator. Here is a video explaining how our stories were created and examples of the children’s work:

The following apps were used to create the stories:

The children absolutely loved the range of apps used to tell their story. They were engaged, motivated and felt they really achieved something special with their finished eBooks. By using the apps to really bring their writing to life gave every child the chance to tell a whole story regardless of ability. The range of skills including writing, speaking and listening, drama, ICT and teamwork skills demonstrated how the iPad can really enhance the way in which stories are created in classrooms today.
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