Everyday Objects Tell A Story

From the Exposure Experiment


I fell a little behind these past few weeks with my modules. For this assignment I could not wrap my head around what I could do for a comic book. Instead of using actors, I decided to use little figurines that I had lying around my apartment and try to tell a story through those. I used a had sewn bead penguin, that I got from Monkey Biz in South Africa, as the protagonist. I found other figurines and paintings that I could use as characters along his journey. I ended up doing a story board with visuals and text. I then shot my photographs around my apartment and used Comic Life 3 to assemble my story. I ended up cutting a few pictures out because they were a bit too much and sometimes less is more. Overall, I learned that it is important to plan out your shots and be organized  in order to tell a good story. Enjoy!


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