Comic Life 3 for iOS Review from Frédéric Pierron

Comic Life 3 : la petite fabrique de BDIt’s always fun to see reviews from around the world. Our latest release,  Comic Life 3 for iOS, has spurred some action in France. Frédéric Pierron wrote a nice review of the app and even created a comic to go with it! There is a translation of the review below, and you can find the original on his site.

This is a product I have used for many years and with each new release, I dive in, more and more enthusiastic. Comic Life with version 3 offers a very successful app. ComicLife 3 offers all the tools necessary to produce a comic, while overcoming technical constraints management frameworks, typography, etc … Purists can rest assured, numerous profiles and styles are supplied to facilitate beginners, everything is fully customizable.

Here’s a little test, carried out in twenty minutes.

I find the result rather pleasant.

What do you think? Do you want a more complete presentation?






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