A cross-curricular superhero story written in Exciting Sentences!


This is a fantastic Comic Life creation, put together over at Inspired Minds. Here is Mathew Sullivan, the person behind Inspired Minds, explaining the comic:

Today we put the finishing touches on a class maths mystery story based on Captain Atomic, a character from the brilliant Atomic! series by Guy Bass.

It was a great way of challenging Year 3s to take the Exciting Sentences we had introduced so far and apply them as a group to create a coherent narrative.

It was also useful to demonstrate to young writers that quantity does not always equal quality. They were amazed that they could tell a gripping story in only five sentences!

Just in case the sentences are a bit small to read, here they are in full:

Captain Atomic, who is a titanic, powerful superhero, discovered that the villainous, despicable FlatFace had stolen and stashed all the zeroes in the world.
(Noun, who/which/where, + 4A)

Captain Atomic travelled to the dangerous Amazon rainforest: he had to solve a number sequence to unlock an ancient cave and release the stolen zeroes.

Next, Captain Atomic swam like a fearsome tiger shark, following coordinates on a map to locate and investigate an underwater stash of zeroes.

Captain Atomic used his powerful, fiery jet pack so that he could rescue the remaining stolen zeroes from FlatFace’s lair.

Captain Atomic, who rescued the terrified zeroes, arrested the detestable, malevolent FlatFace and threw him in a prison of lava.
(Noun, who/which/where, + 2A)

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