Comic Life 3.5.3 for iOS now available – iOS 10 compatible!

UPDATE: Comic Life 3.5.4 has been released which allows the new comic menu to display properly on iPhones running iOS 10.

UPDATE: On iPhone and iPod touch devices, you cannot create a new comic in a non-empty Collection. To create a new Collection tap the Tools icon > Collections > New. You can then create a new comic by tapping the Collection content (not via the + button). This will be fixed ASAP in the next update. Very sorry for the inconvenience!


Comic Life 3.5.3 has just been released, download it today!

Comic Life 3 is now iOS 10 compatible.


For Comic Life 3 for iOS, please update using your iOS device in the App Store or via iTunes.

Comic Life 3 for iOS is packed with new features for making the best looking comics on your iPad and iPhone.

Find out more about Comic Life 3 for iOS on the Comic Life for iOS page.

Comic Life 3 for iOS is available through the iTunes App Store for only US$4.99.

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