Comic Life 3.5.5 for Windows Update

A Comic Life 3.5.5 for Windows (only) update is now available.

This 3.5.5 release fixes an image duplication issue that occurred when using Instant Alpha.

The 3.5.5 update follows from of a recent 3.5.4 update that had a number of fixes and improvements:

Comic Life 3.5.4 Windows Release Notes

  • Crash when processing BMP images fixed
  • PDF export compatibility improvements
  • Windows now maximize correctly
  • Performance improvement when using full page halftone fills
  • Menus now correctly sized when using software filtering
  • Windows 10 now correctly identified in Bug and Crash reports
  • “Reveal Image File” now available in context menu when external image is selected.
  • Other fixes and improvements

Comic Life 3 for Windows Full Release History can be found here. purchasers of Comic Life 3, please update from within Comic Life 3 or from our downloads page.

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