Teaching Students to Navigate a Digital World

Michele McKeone (image source thenotebook.org)

Michele McKeone, Autistic Support Educator of South Philadelphia High School, knows the importance of teaching students how to work in a world of computers and digital communication. Along with teaching the core subjects of the curriculum she incorporates important life skills, everything from formatting a resume to recognizing the complexities of social interactions in the digital age. McKeone uses a variety of tools to help her students, and Comic Life is a favorite among her students.

“McKeone’s best lessons is one in which she uses an application called Comic Life. With this lesson students identify a favorite project they completed during the year. For some students it’s their websites about sports teams or hip hop music. Johnson chose mammals – of course. Then, using Comic Life, students compose a comic strip that allows them to have a conversation with a classmate about their project. Students can add videos, photos, or music to the comics, and then demonstrate them on an iPad.”  – thenotebook.org

Her students are in the hands of an educator who has inspired visions for their future, and she works to give them every advantage possible.

“I want to level the playing field for students with learning and behavior variations,” she said. “But the one lesson that I really want my students to walk out of my classroom with is an overall sense of empowerment; the idea that they are responsible to advocate for themselves in any situation.”

To learn more about McKeone and her students please read the orignal article from thenotebook.org.

Take a look at a video of McKeone and the class in action:

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