A Case For Comic Life In University Classrooms

Need a little inspiration for bringing Comic Life into your class this week? Check out this awesome video from Seton Hill University featuring Professor Emily Wierszewski. Prof. Wierszewski uses Comic Life for iPad because “you don’t have to be an artist to express yourself visually through the app.”

“As modern communicators students rarely are asked to produce something that is purely textual. Things like comics and audio essays that involve multiple modalities are part of their lives already, and part of what they will probably be producing as professionals.”

“I love the iPad app, and my students have had so much fun and success with creating projects using it. I also recently gave a presentation on Comic Life to faculty here and am happy to report that many of them thought of fascinating possible uses – even in administrative offices (for instance, I’m working with Residence Life to turn some of their documents about housing into comics using ComicLife).”

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