Augmented Reality In Comics

Now this… This is cool.

Students are able to create worlds where dragons fly out of school walls?!

Thanks to the advances in technology (and general awesomeness of the educational tools out there) classrooms can now be transformed into the stuff of J.K. Rowling’s imagination. Using String students can turn 2D pieces of paper into interactive characters – including a dragon that bursts through walls!

I'm geeking out. Can you tell? It's just so fun!

Our friends over at Davyhulme Primary used String and Comic Life to tell the tall tale of what happened the day dragons came to campus.

Students made portals for the dragons using a pieces of paper with the image ID printed on them. They then took screenshots of the action.

Once they had some pictures of dragons bursting through the walls and floors they opened up Comic Life and started to write their version of the story. Some of the dragons were just there to check things out. This dragon, however, was on a mission:

It's a teacher snatching dragon!

From the Davyhulme Blog: “Children worked in pairs, to design a template, add pictures, text, speech bubbles and then format the title, background, font and colour scheme. The children loved this different approach to story telling and would be a fantastic storyboard for a more detailed story.” You can see more examples at their blog.

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