plasq Introduces Comic Life 3 for Windows

Portland, OR – January 22nd, 2014 – plasq® today introduced Comic Life 3 for Windows, the latest major release of its award winning photo comic creation software, which adds powerful new capabilities without compromising usability on Windows machines. Image processing gets a major boost with new collection of parametric filters and an Instant Alpha tool that makes it easy to knock out backgrounds. Comic Life 3 introduces a script editor letting you create stories right in the app and easily take your words to the comic page tnks to new SmartScript™ technology. New graphics options for strokes, fills and opacity make it easy to create impressive designs. Comic Life 3 also features a re-engineered editing engine allowing two-up display of your comic, element grouping, find and replace and master page.

“œWe are excited to be bringing the power, flexibility and control of Comic Life 3 to PC users.”

“Comic Life is incredibly popular in homes and schools around the world,” said Robert Grant, plasq’s CEO. “With Comic Life 3 our users are going to love all the power, flexibility and control that is now at their disposal.” 

The added image editing features in Comic Life 3 make it easy to transform a photograph into comic artwork. A new collection of parametric filters ranging from simple line drawing to full on movie-style rotoscoping allow an incredible range of effects. You can now knock out image backgrounds with the integrated Instant Alpha tool, making it simple to build a scene with layered photos. The new blur control lets you easily add depth in your multi-photo scenes.

Comic Life is incredibly popular in homes and schools around the world. With Comic Life 3 our users are going to love all the power, flexibility and control that is now at their disposal.

Comic Life 3 introduces a script editor providing you the space to focus on getting your words down before tackling page layout. Here you will find a capable word processor with spell check, find and replace and auto-pagination. SmartScriptâ„¢ technology makes element icons appear beside your script so you can easily move from working with text to building a comic page via drag and drop. Print your script pages alongside your comic pages to easily review your work.

New graphic design options have been provided to further enhance the appearance of your comic pages. Element strokes now include various dash and brush options for a hand-drawn look. Balloon control is improved with a variety picker presenting many variations on most balloon types, fully positionable inter-connecting tails, and adjustable balloon tail widths. New fill options include halftones, speed lines and textures. Fill now has an independent opacity control for professional style balloon and caption designs. And elements themselves now also have fully adjustable global opacity. Rough up your pages with new page texturing effects. Lettering is bolstered with a new 3D effect to make your titles really stand out and enhanced bezier curve control for precision warping.


A redesigned editing engine means more sophisticated presentation and control of your content. Two up comic page display (including facing pages), an improved grid and new rulers, guidelines that appear on every page for consistent layout across your comic, improved alignment guides including smart spacing guides, find and replace across balloons and captions, element grouping and a master page for repeating elements on every page.



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Comic Life 3 is available today on plasq’s website for $29.99.

Educational volume licensing is also available.





Comic Life 3 requires Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8 (+latest patches)



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