plasq Introduces Comic Life 3 for Windows

Image processing gets a major boost with a new collection of parametric filters and an Instant Alpha tool that makes it easy to knock out backgrounds. Comic Life 3 introduces a script editor letting you create stories right in the app and easily take your words to the comic page thanks to new SmartScriptâ„¢ technology. New graphics options for strokes, fills and opacity make it easy to create impressive designs. Comic Life 3 also features a re-engineered editing engine allowing two-up display of your comic, element grouping, find and replace and master page.


Download the 30 day free trial – and give it a try today!


Comic Life 3 is available today on plasq’s website for $29.99.


Upgrade pricing is available for previous license holders of Comic Life 1 or Comic Life 2.


Educational volume licensing is also available.



The major new features in Comic Life 3 for Windows:


  • Integrated script editor with SmartScriptâ„¢ text processing, including dedicated script templates 
  • Instant alpha tool – for quickly knocking out the background of images 
  • Balloon variety picker 
  • Balloon tail thickness selector 
  • Precision balloon tail control including connecting tails 
  • 17 advanced parametric image filters, including
  • Rotoscope, Paintoscope, Hatched, Sketched, Smooth, Pen, Retro and more. 
  • Find & Replace – great for quickly changing a characters name 
  • 191 built-in creative fill options including speedlines, halftones, textures and tiles 
  • 11 stroke types from clean lines to scratchy pens 
  • 16 page texture overlays 
  • 3D lettering option for big, blocky comic titles 
  • Smart alignment guides 
  • Master page for repeating design elements 
  • Two-up page view, including facing pages 
  • Opacity controls for balloons (including panels, captions and shapes) 
  • Hideable element well
  • Blur image adjustment 
  • Bezier controls for warping lettering 
  • Text paste and match style 
  • Element grouping 
  • Rulers with user-settable guidelines


Check out the Comic Life 3 for Windows page for more information.

More details at the Press Release page.