Flipped Learning Mats

I’ll admit it… This is pilfered from someone else’s blog. Fortunately they don’t seem to mind the idea of shared learning. Thank you to the fantastic folks over at Fulston Manor School! 


Flipped Learning Mats using Comic Life

Ok, so I’ve been pretty inspired over the past few terms by the amazing @PE4Learning.  So I’ve decided to do what anyone does when they are inspired…STEAL, STEAL, STEAL.What will follow over the coming weeks is a reflection on how my stealing and adapting of the PE4Learning flipped learning mat goes with my year 10s.  

Here is the journey so far:

1.  Bored over the hols so went surfing again through twitter to find something to inspire me…you all know the drill 🙂

2.  Hit up PE4Learning’s dropbox of amazing resources (http://www.pe4learning.com/pe4learning-on-dropbox/).  Found the flipped learning mat…gasped…was in awe…then went for the STEAL.

3.  Looked through the Comic Life website ( http://plasq.com/products/comiclife3/win) to learn how I could make it work like PE4Learning did – found it was a free trial and felt bliss.

4.  Spent a total of 2 hours looking for youtube clips to match to our Geography spec (1 mat per topic was my goal) and adapt the template already begun by PE4Learning.  That’s it…2 hours…12 learning mats later: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7bci4y8h3k8zh0s/Xul4gtDvlS

5.  Got to grips with using QR Code generator: http://www.qrstuff.com/; and made jpegs of all the videos I wanted – added these to the mats.

6.  Uploaded the learning mat for Globalisation to Show My Homework…previewed the homework to my year 10s in the lesson before it would be assigned and told them to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to the next lesson so they could get to grips with using the flipped learning mat in my presence…yes I am a control freak, but I’m ok with it.  Out of 27 pupils, 23 brought their own devices and showed me they could use the QR Codes to access the video I wanted them to watch on their devices.  For those 4 who did not bring in devices because they don’t own them or can’t bring into school, I have uploaded a link to the video onto Show My Homework.  For those who can’t access the internet at home, we have a running appointment during the week that homework is due where they have free access to the Geography department computers to be able to complete their work.  All bases covered…let’s see if this produces a homerun!

More to come next week…what happens when you review the flipped learning?


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