Jigsaw Learning Resources: Cricket

Michaela WilkinsonPage_1 a PE Teacher, Netballer and Skier – recently posted a tweet that caught our eye!

Tried @comiclife with the Jigsaw Learning concept for a Cricket lesson focussing on Fielding! #peerteaching ‏by @MWilkinsonPE

We had to reach out to Michaela to find out more.

What is the Jigsaw Learning concept?

Jigsaw Learning is a concept taken from ‘Cooperative Learning’ whereby the students become independent learners and peer teach each other. In their ‘home groups’ they will number
themselves 1-5, and then there will be 5 different work stations where the 1’s will go to station 1, 2’s to station 2 and so on. They will each learn and discover the activity outlined by a resource at their allocated stations, and will then return to their home groups. Almost like a carousel the groups will then rotate around each station, and whoever in the group learnt the station, they will then peer teach their group to understand it too! Discover more about Jigsaw Learning here (PDF).

Sounds like a wonderful learning experience! Why did you decide to use Comic Life as your program of choice to create your cricket lessons? And will you use Comic Life again?

Comic Life is so pleasing to the eye and captures the attention of visual learners! I would definitely use it because of its appearance and also for how user friendly it is!

How do the students respond to resources created with Comic Life?

From my experience the pupils engage with Comic Life resources far more than they have with standard resources created on Word for example!

Wonderful! Thank you Michaela. You can follow Michaela on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/MWilkinsonPE

Below are the Jigsaw Learning Resources by Michaela Wilkinson that focus on Cricket fielding created within Comic Life. Happy fielding!




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