Comic Life featured on the Tech Tools Daily Show

Logo-Square2This app has been around for a long time and I’ve been using it for years.  A few days ago I needed a tool to create a comic with my class and so I went on the search to see if there was something better out there.  The answer, there isn’t.  Comic Life is still the best app to use if you want to create stunning comics with your students.

Comic Life was recently featured on a 21clRadio podcast, the Tech Tools Daily Show, focusing on Comic Life and its use by teachers in the classroom. It is a great listen:

21clRadio “recognizes educational leaders from the international teaching world and beyond.”

We’d like to remind educators out there that we have a Comic Life Goes to School hub on our website. It covers why comics work superbly in the classroom and offers educational ideas using Comic Life; also be sure to sign up for our special newsletter for teachers.

Also, we do have educational pricing available to teachers, students and schools; more information on pricing here.

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