The Holidays Are Coming – Stay Safe!

href=””>fire_safety_comicThe holidays are almost here and that means a lot of twinkle lights and people cooking on grills and pulling out the fryers. But it also means that there are potential dangers relating to fires and burns. Our friends over at SC AHEC created this educational comic to help keep everyone safe.

Holiday Tips For Pet Owners

Here at plasq we love our family pets. Between all of us we have several dogs, a few bunnies, a couple of cats and I’m pretty sure Mark has a kangaroo he’s not telling us about.  The ASPCA put out a great collection of tips for keeping our four legged family safe and sound this holiday season. An abridged version of their list can be seen in the comic below.

May you and your furry friends be safe this holiday season!


Tips for keeping your pet safe this holiday

Comic Life Athletics Resource Cards by Event

Megan Bowe posted the following amazing Comic Life Athletics Resource Cards over at – and we just had to share them with you all! Please visit for downloadable copies of the Athletics Resource Cards that cover the following sports; Discus, High-Jump, Hurdles, Javelin, Long-Jump, Shot-Putt, and Sprinting.…

Athletics Resources

I am always surprised with how many Physical Education comics we see week in and week out. Though I guess I shouldn’t be because those are they are the most active teachers… get it? Most active. Heh. Aaaaanyway… Take a…

Adding Tech Spice To PE

A big thanks to @TechforPE (Jorge Rodriguez) for posting a video about using Comic Life posters and augmented reality in the classroom. Here are some of the lesson details from PE Stations at Harvard Elementary: • Portfolio set up •…

The Hunger Game

PGDE students create a game called “You Are What You Eat” during Mayhoon Ed Tech Showcase. In the game students put two characters head to head, pitting exercise and food intake against each other. From the Gamify Your Teaching Workshop…