Love your Heart!

A prolific user of Comic Life for use in the classroom, Coach Pirillo, recently let us know about some wonderful heart signs he made for his classroom.

Heart signs 0

Just perfect for American Heart Month!

Coach Pirillo explains, “Every year in February we use a human heart obstacle course. I place signs of the different parts in the areas of the heart. This year I made new signs! Feel free to download them and use them in your course. If you want to see the obstacle course feel free to check it out.”

Fantastic use of Comic Life, Coach! Thank you very much for allowing us to share your creations using Comic Life on our blog!

You should also check out Coach Pirillo’s website TeachPhysEd for more great ideas for PE and uses for Comic Life.

See the heart signs below and you can also download a PDF of the signs for your own use. Love your heart!

Heart signs 1
Heart signs 2
Heart signs 3
Heart signs 4
Heart signs 5
Heart signs 6
Heart signs 7
Heart signs 8
Heart signs 9
Heart signs 10

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