Detective E, iPhone game, made using Comic Life!

Detective E is a free iOS App that follows the diaries of Detective Efthimis. In his latest case, The Stolen Diamond, you are asked to help Detective Efthimis find who stole the diamond ring inside the church of Santa Maria in London.

An exciting thing for us is that the game features a graphic novel created using Comic Life 3! The graphic novel tells the story of the “The Stolen Diamond”, and is used as the catalyst to help solve the case!

Dimitrios Athanasiadis, the creator of the Detective E game, kindly let us know why he decided to use Comic Life 3 to create the graphic novel:

Detective E

I was looking for a comic-editor and I came across quite a few. I decided to build my iOS app (Detective E) using Comic Life 3, because I liked the interface.

To tell you the truth, in the end it was the easy-to-learn and fast-to-deploy that impressed me.

As an SAP consultant, I really know what it means time-consuming configurations.

For me, Comic Life 3 best advantage was the fact that within 60 seconds, I could easily modify my cartoon boxes more than 2-3 times to end up to my desired result.

in the end, creativity comes with inspiration and time delay can be a persistent enemy to both.

Check out Detective E on iOS from the App Store here – it’s free! Or take a look at the Detective E homepage or Facebook page for more information.

Have fun solving the case!

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